SpinCare, a Pulsati group company and healthtech specialist, focused on software management solutions, delivering value, process improvement and innovation, focused on optimizing the core business for more than 400 health institutes looked after by Pulsati group and Spincare.

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Formed by a multi-professional team in the health field, we created the best management software for home-care companies and elderly caregivers. By automating processes and data, SpinCare makes management much more efficient, agile and secure, making any company more competitive in the home care market and home hospitalization.

Keeping up with the growing demand from home care companies and centers, SpinCare is a modern and complete tool with features and resources to simplify management:

Customer Cap and Budget

Our automation saves and reduce 45% of the time

  • Social, environmental and clinical assessments automation with images and attachments.
  • Automatic budget calculation according agreements and health insurance companies. 
  • Versions, authorizations and extensions control. 
  • Jurisdiction range rules for approval.

Schedules and Care Plan 

90% fewer errors and delays

Eliminates delays, absences and facilitates access

to each patient's appointment schedule.

  • Save time managing work schedules. 
  • Improved productivity and optimized professional allocation. 
  • Real time monitored schedules and workload.
  • Patient´s and team global view, all in a single tool – matrix. 
  • Easily manager exchanges and replacements. 
  • Care Plan Automation.

App 100% control

The app was developed exclusively for home care companies and caregivers, with different profiles, access for the professional team and client's family members.

  • Patient safety increased. 
  • Expedited filling. 
  • Service location confirmation by geolocation. 
  • Fraud reduction. 
  • Denials reduction. 
  • Improved professional's satisfaction.

Medical Record and Prescription 

Faster prescriptions!

  • Multi-professional medical record. 
  • Prescriptions: medical, nursing and nutrition. 
  • SNC – Systematization of Nursing Care. 
  • Structured evolutions with images and attachments. 
  • Care and treatment plans. 
  • Occurrences and intercurrences management. 
  • Protocol standardization. 
  • Safer for doctors and patients.

Supply Control and Pharmacy

15% less supply management cost

Automated management of multiple stock locations, inventories, reports, and control gain of each product and supplies required by customers.

  • General reduction in inventories. 
  • Patient's view inventory. 
  • Urgent purchases and fraud reduction. 
  • Audited movements. 
  • Maximized product margin. 
  • Increased patient safety.

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